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How to secure a Fully funded Scholarship to study abroad.

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How to secure a Fully funded Scholarship to study abroad.


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How to secure a Fully funded Scholarship to study abroad.

 A detailed step-by-step approach to it……

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The search for a scholarship to study abroad has been one of the compelling predicaments confronting students in Africa, the most essential thing to be considered in searching for a scholarship to study abroad is simply getting the right information.

Before you can start the whole process of securing a fully funded scholarship abroad, you need to first of all apply for admission into the University of your Choice (Always undertake detailed research online) after you’ve gotten the admission, you then proceed to apply for a fully funded scholarship.

This is the secret that most people don’t know but rather they think it's just a one-time thing you can apply for and that’s all. There are instances where some Universities give automatic scholarships the moment you have been offered admission. This is a rare instance.

There are some basic documents and procedures that everyone needs as far as gaining admission for either undergraduate or postgraduate studies and securing a fully funded scholarship to study abroad is concerned. These are

1.    A well-structured CV

2.    A statement of Purpose

3.    A letter of recommendation (2 different copies)

4.    Application fee (Always try to get the waived ones)

5.    A scanned copy of the Certificates

6.    An Official Transcript

7.    English Proficiency (Can be optional sometimes)

In This article, I will be sharing more insight on the items listed above with examples and guidelines.


1.   Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae (commonly abbreviated to CV) is the Latin expression for “the course of one’s life”. It’s also a detailed account of one’s work experience, professional training, and educational background. For a successful scholarship application, you need a well-structured CV that will meet the institution’s demands with the various components well spelled out.


2.   Statement of Purpose

Another important document that is a major requirement for securing a scholarship abroad is the statement of purpose. SOP simply requests the applicant to outline an interest in any purpose of applying for admission into the particular institution. A few items that are widely requested are below…

3.   Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is usually written by your lecturers and head of institutions affirming your interest and eligibility for the programme you intend to study. It is believed that your lecturer knows you very well during your undergraduate or graduate studies. In order to commence a scholarship application, you need to notify the person to write this recommendation letter for approval and availability before using his/her details in the application process. It usually consists of the following:


a.     A brief introduction stating who you are, your relationship to the applicant, and your personal experience or expertise.

b.    An overview of the applicant's strengths as you've experienced them and as they relate to the recipient.

c.     A personal story that elaborates on one to two traits the applicant possesses.

d.    A closing statement that summarizes why the individual you're recommending would be a good fit for the opportunity.

e.     A signature that includes your name and contact information.


4.   Application Process

In most cases, a lot of people are misinformed when it comes to securing a fully funded scholarship to study abroad. Just as I earlier explained, the whole process is in two folds

a.     Application for admission and then after

b.    Application for scholarship

Application for admission is simply researching the university of your choice and the preferred programme of study. When you’re convinced and comfortable with a particular university, you proceed to apply for admission, in this application process try and get the ones whose application fees are waived (Exempted for a period). After a successful application, keep checking your inbox for a congratulatory message which is an offer of Admission.

The admission letter is now your tool to use to proceed with the scholarship application process which equally requires all or some of the documents I have listed above.


5.   A scanned copy of your Certificates

To start both the application for admission and application for scholarship requires all your relevant certificates, in this case, since you are applying online, you are required to neatly scan your certificates and upload them during the application process.


6.   An Official Transcript

You are also required in some instances an official transcript from your previous University of study which must be endorsed by the head of the institution or head or Academic Affairs.


7.   English Proficiency

English Language Proficiency is the ability of Students to use the English language to make and communicate meaning in spoken and written contexts while completing their program of study.

The most popular English proficiency tests are IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CELPIP, and the Cambridge English Qualifications of KET, PET, FCE, CAE, and CPE. That said, IELTS and TOEFL are in a different league from the rest because they are recognized and accepted by a large number of organizations, both in English-speaking and non-English-speaking countries.


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Thanks for reading: How to secure a Fully funded Scholarship to study abroad., Stay tune for more..

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