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An open letter to all University Graduates

An open letter to all University Graduates

An open letter to all University Graduates

An open letter to all University Graduates

Dear Young University Graduate,

I write to congratulate on your successful completion of your programme of Study for a period of four years, in fact, enrolling for a tertiary education in an undergraduate study is very challenging, several hurdles like financial challenges, late night assignment submission, group works and presentations, early morning quizzes just to mention a few. amidst all these, you’ve made it as a young university graduate. Receive my Congratulations.

However, there are few misconceptions I will like to expose you to as your return to your various communities to prepare for your National Service which starts in few days.

1.    Being a university graduate, doesn’t warrant your success in life

2.    Being a university graduate doesn’t make you better than your friends who couldn’t finish High School

3.    Being a university graduate doesn’t make you the wisest person in your community and family. Stay humble and learn.

4.    Being a university graduate doesn’t make you so relevant in looking mean on artisans (Drivers, Bricklayers, farmers) in your communities.

5.    Being a university graduate isn’t a guarantee of you securing the best of jobs.   

This letter is not to discredit your hard-earned effort, but rather to make you understand that, the world out there is in earnest expectation to give opportunities to those who are good with their skills aside their certificate and above all VERY HUMBLE.

That driver you are disrespecting today can connect you to his brother or relatives to offer you a job, the fact that you are a graduate doesn’t warrant you to belittle them, it’s a carrier path you’ve chosen and they are entitled to theirs too.

I have seen several instances where artisans (No university degree) who are so industrious to the point of employing graduates and putting up apartments for them (Graduates) to rent.

As you return to your community, finishing your degree programme should not make you feel so special than anyone to the point of disrespecting them.” Nipa Nye” which literally means Man is really Wicked. Don’t be arrogant all in the name of confidence but rather pray for divine sustenance because many of such people wish their children graduated just like you, but it couldn’t materialize. So, I repeat STAY HUMBLE AND PRAY.

Devote your time to taking Volunteerism Programs, attend Seminars and Conferences, always be ready to learn, no matter the level of progress you make, STAY HUMBLE.

Always make sure you have a well-structured CV and easily accessible (Save in your Google drive). You can contact BAX- +233546380014 for assistance. Click HERE to watch more tutorials on Academic writings.

Click HEREHERE to read more on scholarships (Local and Foreign) you might be eligible for.

At your leisure time, try and learn new skills to add to your university degree, always remember your skills can take you to a place your degree cannot.

Last but not least, Respect the Elders

Thank you for reading.

Your Friend

Young Graduate

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Thanks for reading: An open letter to all University Graduates, Stay tune for more..

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